Assembling Anderson Power Poles into the Hardened Systems housing.

1: Assemble the 4 power poles in the proper orientation.. I put the two black together, then the two red and finally put the two red on the two black to yield:

2: Be sure your orientation is correct, red on left as shown, this is the ARES standard way.

3:figure which way you want to use the adapter.  It has holes for 6-32 screws so determine which

Way you want the adapter on you chassis or panel.

Example: This way the holes are to the plug end of the power poles so the adapter is behind the chassis

Or with the adapter in front of the chassis (holes to the panel)

Now using the install tool (shown is a pink pill bottle cap in its place), use a vice to

Push the power pole assembly into the housing so that the back is flush with the adapter:

The result is an adapter and power poles ready for wiring and insertion into your chassis.